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Hey, people! I'm in a pretty good mood today and this week. The temperature's been really nice, although it's cloudy right now. Sunday was beautiful, though. I don't know about you, but I never go outside and I was impelled to go take a walk.

I'm on Spring Break, so I might do stuff. I actually mean it this time. Yesterday, I started drawing something, but it's still in the works so I won't post it yet...

in the mean time
steals memes from tumblr

  • amethyst: do you think age is needed for maturity?
    • No. Some things, however, will only come with experience that's only found in later years.
  • aquamarine: do you believe the future is predetermined?
    • Sometimes. Yeah, I think I do, actually. Even if someone changes their mind about a big decision, it was pre-planned, and everything in life had a significance.
  • bloodstone: what words are most comforting to you?
    • I have no clue, really. I'm not really the comforted one in situations.
  • diamond: how important is money to you?
    • Not too much.
  • emerald: is there anything you want to last forever?
    • Friendship. I want to be friends with some people until we die.
  • garnet: list three of your passions
    • hey look it's my birthstone
    • I'm not really passionate about much, but I want most; my friends to be happy, to improve in art/writing/etc, and I'm real passionate about being lazy tbh
  • jasper: if you could revive a spirit, who would it be?
    • nah
  • moonstone: what family do you want in the future?
    • i really want to adopt various asian children but i don't know what their last name would be... if I adopt, I would not have my own children. because even though I wouldn't mean it to happen, my kids may get upset anyway... besides i don't want to do the childbirth thing, that's why i'm adopting LOL
  • opal: do you keep secrets forever?
    • the ones that matter
  • pearl: are you stereotypically feminine?
    • No, not at all, really. I'm not particularly masculine, either. I'm pretty nonbinary in personality and thought.
  • peridot: how old do you want to live to?
    • 75 or something.
  • ruby: what kind of love do you value the most?
    • Friendship/family. I don't understand romantic love yet. But friends are more important to me anyway.
  • sapphire: if you could control one element, what would it be?
    • being a waterbender would be cool uwu
  • topaz: are your current relationships with others healthy?
    • yes indeed
  • tourmaline: do you like the idea of having a guardian angel?
    • eh. idk.
  • turquoise: how often do you lie?
    • Not much, I would think.

  • amaranth: are you in love right now?
    • I wouldn't say in love... I've never been in love. Too young for that.
  • carmine: what is your favorite jewel?
    • if it's purple i like it
  • cerise: do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
    • Sunrise
  • cherry: what's your favorite dessert?
    • ice cream!!
  • coral: describe an ideal date
    • Sit and talk. It can be somewhere beautiful, it can be on a couch. I'm dull. xD
  • fuchsia: if you got married, what would you want the ring to look like?
    • I don't care, honestly. I don't even need a ring. You don't even have to kneel when you ask, I'd feel awkward anyway xD
  • magenta: what does your handwriting look like?
    • i'd like to describe it as an intelligent scrawl but probably not. it's kind of neat but kind of messy, and these days i'm mixing print and cursive. it's small and reflects my personality well if that makes any sense
  • rose: what's your favorite smell?
    • the smell of nature. or freshly laundered clothes. or cupcake body spray. or cotton candy body spray. or vanilla.
  • salmon: do you prefer fancy or simple things?
    • simple. fancy makes me feel uncomfortable. 
  • thulian: do you like poetry?
    • yes I do x)
  • grass: where do you act the most like yourself?
    • in front of my computer tbh when no one is around
  • lake: are there any secrets you keep from close friends?
    • not really
  • leaf: do you think individuals or large groups are more important?
    • Individuals.
  • moss: what do you hope to accomplish in this life?
    • If I am able to help someone's life worthwhile... then I'll be alright. 
    • But apart from that, I really want to make video games/visual novels/apps.
    • And see the world.
  • mountain: describe your ideal adventure
    • I've always wanted to drive through a city at night. All the weird lights and my friends around me.
  • ocean: when was the last time you felt completely happy?
    • I'm not trYING to be depressing, but I've never been completely happy. It's not a good thing to say, but it's true. 
    • Although sometimes, I feel light inside, and it's good enough. Mostly when someone makes me laugh really hard, or the weather is good... it's always for weird little stuff like that, when that moment in time seems pretty perfect.
    • But I'm always hyperaware of everything, so anxiety always seems to return.
  • river: what sound makes you feel alive?
    • dubstep through my beats headphones? LOL
  • thunder: do you have any reverence for gods?
    • Hm. Like fear? I don't "fear" God like I should. 
    • tbh i'm a horrible christian
    • not that i do anything horrible
    • just i don't do anything at all
  • tree: is it easy for you to rise above others?
    • yes tbh 
    • but it's also easy for me to be demotivated 
  • wind: what encourages you to be a better person?
    • lots of thinking. And seeing people smile. 
  • Listening to: 하얀마음 - GFRIEND

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